Justin Moxon – Head of Commercial Services

“It was not until we used Dialtone’s telecommunication expense management services that we realised how little we knew about our spend and how significant the benefits would be.  Over the years our telecoms landscape had become cluttered and unmanageable, Dialtone were able to extract, breakdown, and analyse what was going on and give us a clear picture of what needed to change – and follow those changes through to confirm future billing was correct.

They are passionate about their service and completely committed to meeting your company needs. Their full-on support and regular communication means you are always aware and up to date with developments and progress. They are specialists in this line of work and let their knowledge and experience save you time and money. We certainly will continue to use their excellent services.”

Ian Grose – Chief Financial Officer

‘Dialtone were recommended to me as experts in negotiating communications contracts in New Zealand. I was extremely pleased that the recommendation was correct. Not only did Dialtone half our communications bill but they were able to secure a one-off payment for billing errors that had occurred historically. This one-off payment alone paid for their fee! David and the team are extremely professional and as a result, I have continued to engage them to ensure our communications invoices are accurate going forward.  I would thoroughly recommend Dialtone to anyone who wants to make savings in their communications costs.’

Spectrum care is a charity
Yashneel Pratap – IT Manager Spectrum Care

‘The Dialtone team has worked closely with the Spectrum Care for nearly two years now on the Telecommunications procurement and implementation project.  Dialtone took the time to understand our needs and their process complemented the work of our IT Team. I found the thoroughness of implementation and follow through to be exceptional.

The level of detail included in their business intelligence reporting is impressive, and the subsequent model of our costs, which was applied to several scenarios with different suppliers, provided us with a sound body of information to make a decision.

I am pleased to recommend the services of Dialtone to you and your organization. They have been instrumental in upgrading and improving our telecommunications network and services.

Peter Van Dyk – CIO Presbyterian Support

‘With constant pressure to keep telecommunication costs controlled and market competitive, we chose Dialtone based on past performances, experience and service.

Dialtone has been able to achieve significant savings in our telecommunications spend. You listened to what we said, and understood the importance to us of the relationship we have with our suppliers and the importance to the business of the services we received. The detailed analysis, knowledge and expertise you brought to this project were outstanding.

I have no hesitation in recommending Dialtone to any business seeking a productive and professional approach to improving telecommunication costs, value and supplier management.’

Chris Siebert – Infrastructure Manager – Helloworld

“We have partnered with Dialtone for several years. In that time frame they have saved us 54% on our telecommunication costs all while maintaining professional and dependable services from our Vendors. It allowed us to focus on our core business whilst securing the best of services at the right terms. I would highly recommend using Dialtone to assist you with your telecommunication requirements, you will not be disappointed.”

Chubb Security
Phil Wheeler – Managing Director – Chubb NZ
“‘Over the three years I have had the pleasure of working with Dialtone on a number of different projects.
During that period Dialtone helped our business discover substantial cost savings from our telecommunications infrastructure, streamline the billing process, establish long term visibility on our network spend and create strong relationships with our carriers, delivering better service and further cost savings.
Their industry expertise, innovative approach, and attention to our needs assured us that the best solution would be attained.'”
DownerGlen Willoughby, General Manager IT at Downer Group

“There are plenty of companies that say they can perform telecommunications management services but when Dialtone contacted me I recognised that they were experienced, very thorough, and cared about their customers. The decision was made to have Dialtone to perform a discovery then detailed audit of our telecommunications over all vendors. The service received was excellent, and we were very pleased with the results.

 Dialtone set a high standard of performance and clearly communicated progress through the entire project. Our telecommunication spend annually is in the millions, the audit and contract renegotiations resulted in a 47% saving with additional credits of over $1.0 million. Dialtone should be very proud of their outstanding performance. I recommend them without hesitation and would utilize their services again, should the need arise.”

Truby Gravatt, Group IS Manager Jacobsen Holdings

“I have used the services of Dialtone on several occasions whilst Head of IT at Jacobsen. One major piece of work was in selecting a replacement telephone system.

Dialtone drew up a comprehensive list of requirements, matched this against the key “players” in the marketplace, arranged (and attended with us) demonstrations, reviewed the proposals with us, negotiated significant discounts, and then monitored the Project Management of the installation of the chosen system (Mitel). I rate Dialtone very highly and would recommend them to anyone in a similar position.”

Mark Rowe, General Manager Corporate Services at IHC New Zealand
“Dialtone have been IHC’s telecommunications audit and procurement partner over the last four years, managing key services for over 1,500 nationwide locations. Over this period, Senior Consultant Des Small has been responsible for measurable savings of over $1million. Dialtone review and audit our billing each month. They provide detailed visualisation highlighting areas for cost improvement and also billing errors. They work directly with our telecommunications providers to resolve any issues. They also handle our telecommunications RFP processes, benchmark and review our costs regularly, conduct annual pricing reviews with our providers and also provide advice on contractual matters. Dialtone bring invaluable expertise and up to date market advice as IHC rollout new technologies to their staff in our numerous locations around the country, helping us reduce risk and unnecessary expense.”
Ron Harfield, IS Relationship manager at Aurecon New Zealand
“David Glen and Des Small provided outsourced services on a national communications review project 2011-2012.Services provided included identification of overcapacity and legacy services, RFP process, change proposals, supplier selection, and contract negotiations. This was a successful collaborative process resulting in reduced costs and some improved services while maintaining good supplier relations.”

Raymond Goubitz, Chief Financial Officer at Bartercard
“Dialtone provided telecommunications RFP project management services that reduced our costs by 40%, cleared unused services and enhanced our data network. They have also acted as intermediaries between our company and our telecommunication vendors in critical telecommunications negotiations saving us both time and money. Their specialist market knowledge and hard work have consistently provided benefits to our relationship delivering services that are much appreciated in today’s busy business environment. They also gave us the confidence to change providers which enabled us to achieve the savings and benefits detailed previously I’m pleased to recommend them.
Gina Robinson, ICT Business Manager at AUT University
“Des Small has been AUT’s ICT telecommunications consultant of choice for audit, bill analysis and procurement reviews over the last 14 years. AUT have benefited tremendously from this relationship. We have been able to build productive constructive relationships with our telecommunications providers while maintaining our cost competitiveness. As a result we have managed to deliver excellent value and market leading innovation to our stakeholders. Dialtone have helped us develop “best practice” IT procurement review processes that have enabled us to significantly reduce time and resources, while still meeting important centralised procurement and auditing requirements. We regularly consult with Dialtone as part of our efforts to stay abreast of market developments, costs and trends.”
Chris Poulter, CIO at PBT
“Dialtone have proven they have significant experience and a pragmatic approach to unravelling the complexities of telecommunications billing. However equally important to PBT was their positive relationship with the incumbent telecommunications provider. PBT has a solid and productive relationship with Vodafone and was keen not to harm this in any way; Dialtone’s reputation and approach was key to keeping things positive. Based on this positive and effective approach, Dialtone was also contracted by PBT to negotiate an upgrade to the overall telecommunication infrastructure. Again their approach was pragmatic, thorough and focused on the required outcomes.”
Campbell Such, General Manager IT at Bidfood
“Dialtone has done a great job for us managing a Telco RFP which resulted in Bidfood moving vendors at the end of 2012 and saving of more than 40% in telecommunication costs on the incumbent vendor’s initial proposal. The transition went smoothly and they have continued to support us now into the 2nd year. They have a great approach and through other contacts I know they do a great job for an increasing client base. Dialtone has significant experience and ongoing close visibility of the market, along with very good analysis systems and processes for keeping the Telco’s honest with service and costs.”
John Williams
John Williams; Director IP Contracting Ltd
“I had worked with David Glen from Dialtone in 2012/13 in support of a comprehensive review of telecommunications service providers for a private tertiary education organisation, which delivered enhanced services at lower prices for my client.  So when the old and unsupported PABX at my golf club failed, David was the first person I called.  David quickly got up to speed with our current arrangements and costs, and was able to use his contacts within the market to identify three quality, viable options for us, in terms of technology, price and speed of implementation.  David knows the telecommunications industry, is well connected, and has delivered value to our customers.”


“Dialtone have helped us develop “best practice” IT procurement review processes that have enabled us to significantly reduce time and resources, while still meeting important centralised procurement and auditing requirements. We regularly consult with Dialtone as part of our efforts to stay abreast of market developments, costs and trends.”

— Gina Robinson, ICT Business Manager at AUT University

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