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Vodafone and Your Future

The recent sale announcement of Vodafone comes as no surprise. What did unsettle the market is the immediacy and the total 100% sale to investors Infratil and Brookfield Asset Management for $3.4 billion. That agreement will still provide "preferential access" to...

Predicting Patterns

There is no doubt that we can all learn something from history. Apart that is from me! I seem to be doing the same stuff and funnily enough get the same result. Change can be difficult! Each month we process our clients billing data to review and report. Last month,...

The Internet of Lost Things!

Currently, there is much chat about the Internet of Things (IoT) or M2M. A SIM is attached to a device transmitting data via the Internet to a central point for analysis. There are simple applications such as alarms, vending machines and vehicle GPS systems. Then...

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