One of the most valuable features of Telecom Expense Management (TEM) programmes is reporting.  Dialtone TEM Reporting collects and organises data on spending in order to provide visibility into telecom expenditures. They rein in the data chaos and clear the smoke and mirrors of telecommunication vendors billing systems, especially if you have different telecom service providers.There are five clear benefits of Dialtone TEM reporting.

  • Dialtone TEM reporting can provide visibility into spending for all users.  This visibility enables employees and managers to identify situations where other services or service plans are more appropriate.  For example, unlimited plans for mobile voice or data services may be appropriate for employees that travel extensively for work. However, some employees may not consume enough services to merit unlimited plans. You need to be able to see these users and what they are costing the organization in order to place users on the appropriate plans. Reporting provides that visibility.
  • Dialtone TEM reporting increases accountability for expenses. The information can help managers of business units, facility managers, and employees identify wasteful or inappropriate use of telecom services.Organisations also need to monitor the use of mobile devices for unexpected spikes in usage due to malware, lost, or stolen devices.
  • Dialtone TEM reports provide actionable business intelligence. Report information can help to optimise the network and provide useful data to negotiate better rates for telecom services.  TEM reports answer important questions:
  • How much are we spending for specific services?
  • What types of services and circuits are at each location?
  • How much am I spending with specific vendors?
  • Are we on track to meet contractual Minimum Annual Revenue Commitments ?
  • And are there any billing errors?
  • Dialtone TEM reports can help is with budgeting and future planning.  Monthly analysis of spending across the organisation helps to gain control over management of communication services.  Accrual reports enable organisations to project the future spending.  Managers can identify trends for expenses compared to budgets and how expenses compare to prior periods.
  • Dialtone TEM reports provides an understanding of the total cost of telecom services.  Due to miscoding and decentralised payment by regional offices for local telecom expenses, financial reports often fail to provide an accurate of spending on telecom services.  In addition, financial reports often only provide summary level details of the total amount spent with no information on services or breakdowns of categories like mobile, data, and voice charges.

If you are seeking to manage telecom expenses, Dialtone TEM reports provide critical insights.  There is no other way to make sense out of the chaos that comes from all the different billing formats and wide range of reporting categories that service providers use to describe their services.  TEM reports help you by normalizing the data and providing summary dashboard information as well the detail that you need.  The age old adage of “you can’t manage what you can’t measure” most certainly applies in Telecom Expense Management.




“Dialtone have helped us develop “best practice” IT procurement review processes that have enabled us to significantly reduce time and resources, while still meeting important centralised procurement and auditing requirements. We regularly consult with Dialtone as part of our efforts to stay abreast of market developments, costs and trends.”

— Gina Robinson, ICT Business Manager at AUT University

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