Telecommunications Strategic Planning

Telecommunications Strategic Planning is a key factor for a company’s growth and success, but its importance is often neglected and only half-heartedly executed.

However, in today’s competitive and unpredictable environment with fast-changing customer needs, it is more important than ever to proactively and professionally plan where the company is heading, to ensure long-term success and maximise shareholder value creation.

A key factor in the competitiveness of any company is it’s telecommunication effectiveness. Dialtone has experience and broad knowledge of leading telecommunication technology and can provide best practice strategic solutions appropriate for it’s clients.

These include strategies that;

  • Provide a highly available, secure, resilient, standards-based, networking and communications infrastructure
  • Balance the goals of accessibility, reliability, security, and ease of use against resources and policies to provide the most cost-effective and efficient solutions
  • Ensure the overall interoperability of networking and communications systems
  • Establish and communicate best practices for the use of networking and communication infrastructures
  • Understand and integrate the various unique needs of the customer to create a cohesive, networking and communications infrastructure


“Dialtone has done a great job for us managing a Telco RFP which resulted in Bidvest moving vendors at the end of 2012 and saving of more than 40% in telecommunication costs on the incumbent vendor’s initial proposal. “

— Campbell Such, General Manager IT at Bidvest

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